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City of Tianjin

picture of Water Park

Located in the southwest of Tianjin, the park is built on three lakes with 13 inlets scattered over 247 ac. of water and dotted with islands linked by both single and double-arch bridges as well as causeways lined by peach and willow trees, pavilions, towers, halls and galleries stretching along the banks for miles.The Suishang Dengying Lou Restaurant overlooking the lakes serves marvellous freshwater fish and prawns.

picture of Dule Temple

Located in Jicounty town, the Temple was first built in the Tang Dynasty (618-907) and rebuilt in the Liao Dynasty (916-1125). Its tower of the Goddess of Mercy(Guanyin Ge) which houses a 16-metre-high statue of the goddess is one of China's oldest wooden structure. Legend has it that when An Lushan, a Tang Dynasty general, rebelled against the emperor, he held a rally at the Temple before going to war, and gave the Temple its name"Solitary Joy" because he wanted happiness exclusively for himself.