Intermediate Course Vocabulary List


(suff. for certain nouns), to hope, to wish (14)
bǎihundred (15)
bǎito display, to swing, to show, to place, to exhibit (18)
帮助bāng zhùassistance, aid, to help, to assist (18)
bǎo eat till full, satisfied (16)
碑林Bēi lín the Forest of Stone Tablets Museum (18.p)
比赛bǐ sài[athletic or other] competition, match (12)
money, coins, currency (20)
certainly, must, will, necessarily (11)
必要bì yàonecessary, essential, indispensable, required (11)
biānside, edge, margin, border, boundary (15, 20)
便biànordinary, convenient, handy, to relieve oneself (13)
bīngice (12)
兵马俑Bīng mǎ yǒng the Terra-cotta warriors (18.p)
冰球bīng qiúice hockey, puck (12)
不过bú guòno more than, but, however (11)
a step, a pace, walk, march, stages in a process (12)
不了bù liǎounable to, without end (16)
不少bù shǎonot just a few (19)


cǎi(bright) color, variety, applause, applaud, (lottery) prize (19)
càidish, (type of food), vegetables (11)
cāntake part in, participate, join, attend (18)
参观cān guānto look around, to inspect, visit and observe (18)
side, to incline towards (14)
chátea, tea plant (16)
chāia mission, to commission (13)
chángluttonous, greedy (16)
chángto taste (16)
chánglength, long, forever, always, constantly (17)
长城Cháng chéngthe Great Wall (1.p)
长城cháng chéngthe Great Wall (17.p)
长廊cháng lángthe Long Corridor at Yi He Yuan (17)
chǎnga courtyard, open space, place, field, a measure word (14)
chǎosaute, pan-fry, to fry (11)
chēcar, a vehicle (14)
车技chē jìtrick-cycling (19.p)
chōuto draw out, to smoke (cigarettes), to pump (16)
抽烟chōu yānto smoke (a cigarette) (16)
chóusilk (15)
chūto go out, to come out, to occur (13)
to go out, to come out, to occur, to produce, to go beyond, to rise (17)
出差chū chāibe on a business trip (13)
出发chū fāto start out, to set off (17)
chǔdistinct, clear, orderly, pain, suffering (19)
chùa place, location, spot, point, office, department, bureau (15)
chuánto pass on, to spread, to transmit, to infect, to transfer, to circulate (19)
传统chuán tǒngtradition (19)
chuāngshutter, window (20)
窗口chuāng kǒuwindow (20)
works, phrases, classical Chinese poem, word, diction (15)
词典cí diǎndictionary (15)


打算dǎ suànto plan, to intend, to calculate (13)
大巴dà bālarge bus, coach (14)
大方dà fānggenerous (18)
大概dà gàiroughly, probably, rough, approximate, about (13)
大雁塔dà yàn tǎ the Great wild goose pagoda in Xi'an (18.p)
大约dà yuēapproximately, about (14)
dāi to stay (13)
dàiwait, treat, deal with, need (18)
dānbill, list, form, single, only, sole (19)
dǎotread on, trample, stamp, fulfill (19)
děito have to, must, ought to, to need to (11)
děngrank, grade, equal to, same as, for, await, et cetera, and so on (19)
earth, ground, field, place, land (15)
(prefix before a number,e.g. "first", "number two", etc) (19)
地图dì túmap (15)
diǎno'clock, point, dot, (decimal) point), to count (20)
diǎntypical, dictionary (15)
diàninn, shop, store (15)
dìngto set, to fix, to determine, to decide, to order (12)
dōngeast (15)
东西dōng xithing, expressing a feeling of affection or hatred for a person (15)
dòngto act, to move, to change (12)
dōuall, entirely, even, already (16)
duànforge, to exercise (12)
锻炼duàn liànto do physical training (12)
duìto cash (20)
duìpair, to be opposite, for, to, correct (answer), right (18)
兑换duì huànto convert, to exchange (20)


to send out, to issue, to develop (14, 17)
发票fā piào(n) receipt or bill for purchasing sth (14)
fāngsquare, direction (14)
方便fāng biànconvenient (14)
fàngto release, to free, to let go, to put, to place, to let out (17)
放假fàng jiàto have a holiday or vacation (17)
to add, to attach, to be close to, to be attached (20)
附近fù jìn(in the) vicinity, nearby, neighboring, next to (20)


gàigeneral, approximate (13)
gǎnto feel, to move, to touch, to affect (18)
感动gǎn dòngto move (sb), to touch, moving (18)
各地gè dìin all parts of (a country), various regions (13)
gěito, for, to give, to allow, to do sth (for sb) (16)
故宫gù gōngThe Imperial Palace (17.p)
guǎikidnap, to turn (14)
guānto look at, to watch, to observe (18)
guànaccustomed to, used to (18)
guǒfruit, result (11, 17)
guòto cross, to go over, to pass (time) (16)
过奖guò jiǎngoverpraise, pay undrserved compliments to (16)


hànregret (17)
hánga row, profession, professional, field (14)
好吃hǎo chītasty, delicious (11)
to drink (11)
后餐hòu cāndessert (11)
huānjoyous, happy, pleased (11, 15)
欢迎huān yíngto welcome (15)
huànchange, exchange (20)
huǒfire (14)
火车huǒ chētrain (14)


machine, opportunity, secret (14)
fowl, chicken (11)
机场jī chǎngairport (14)
机会jī huìopportunity, chance, occasion (18)
extremely, utmost, top (11, 12)
skill (19)
to continue, to inherit (18)
继续jì xùto continue, to proceed with, to go on with (18)
既有…也有jì yǒ yǒuhave both ... and... (11)
jiāclip, folder, hold between, to press from both sides (16)
jiām.w. for company (13)
jiàvacation (17)
jiānbetween, among, space, (measure word) (19)
jiǎngprize, award, encouragement (16)
jiāoto deliver, to make friends, to pay (money) (15)
交钱jiāo qiánto pay (15)
饺子jiǎo zidumplings with meat or vegetable filling (11)
jiēto extend, to connect, to receive (14)
jiéfestival, section, temperate, point, part (19)
节目jié mùprogram, item (on a program) (19)
jìnadvance, enter, to come in (13)
jìnnear, close (to), approximately (20)
进出口jìn chū kǒuimport and export (13)
jīngto start, to be frightened, to be scared (19)
jīngenergy, perfect, excellent, refined, very, proficient (19)
jīngclassics, sacred book, pass through, to undergo (13)
精彩jīng cǎibrilliant, splendid (19)
经理jīng lǐmanager, director (13)
惊险jīng xiǎnbreathtaking, thrilling (19)
jiǔwine, liquor, spirits (11)


kǎoto roast, bake, to broil (11)
can, may, able to, certain(ly), to suit, (particle used for emphasis) (19)
可能kě néngmight (happen), possible, probable, possibility, probability (19)
quarter (hour), to carve, to engrave, oppressive (19)
customer, visitor, guest (18)
客人kè rénguest (18)
kǒng(surname), hole (17)
kòngspare time, free time (16)
口技kǒu jìvocal imitation (19.p)
kuàiyuan (unit of currency), (a measure word, for cloth, cake, soap) (15)
kuǎnsection, paragraph, funds (15, 20)


hot (spicy), pungent (11)
la(aux.)the combined sounds “le” and “a”, denoting exclamation, interrogation, etc. (16)
lánbasket, goal (12)
篮球lán qiúbasketball (12)
lángporch (17)
to leave, to depart, to go away, from (14)
reason, logic (13)
liǎ(a numeral-measure word) two, both (11)
liànrefine, smelt (12)
liǎoto know, to understand (16)
liúleave (message), to retain, to stay, to remain, to keep, to preserve (19)
lóuhouse with more than 1 story, storied building, floor (15, 20)
route, road, path, way (14)
旅游lǚ yóutrip, journey, tourism, travel, tour (13)


(to have) pins and needles, tingling, hemp, numb, to bother (16)
麻烦má fantrouble, troublesome (16)
mǎito buy (15)
màito sell (15)
mǎnManchurian, to fill, to fulfill, filled, packed (18)
(measure word) meter, rice (15)
mínthe people, nationality, citizen (19, 20)
民间mín jiānamong the people, popular, folk, non-governmental (19)
end, final stage, latter part (12)
eye, item (19)


niúox, cow, bull (11)
牛排niú páisteak (11)
牛肉niú ròubeef (11)


ōuEurope (20)


爬竿pá gānpole-climbing (19.p)
páia row, line up (12)
排球pái qiúvolleyball (12)
pāngbang(onomat.) (12)
pǎoto run, to escape (12)
跑步pǎo bùto run (12)
piàobank note, ticket (14)
pīngbing(onomat.) (12)
乒乓球pīng pāng qiútable tennis ball (12)
píngflat, level, equal, to make the same score, to tie, to draw, calm, peaceful (12)
平常píng chángordinary, common, usually, ordinarily (12)


to ride (an animal or bike), to sit astride (14)
to rise, to raise, to get up (12)
qián(surname), coin, money (15)
coin, money (14)
qiánbefore, in front, ago, former, previous, earlier, front (14)
qiáobridge (17)
秦始皇Qín shǐ huángthe First Emperor of China(259-210 B.C.) (18.p)
qīngclear, distinct, complete, pure (19)
清楚qīng chuclear, clearly understood, distinct (19)
qíngfeeling, emotion, passion, situation (18)
请便qǐng biàndo as you wish, please yourself (16)
请客qǐng kègive a dinner party, invite to dinner (11)
qiúball (12)
to take, to get, to choose, to fetch (20)
取款机qǔ kuǎn jīATM machine (20)
quánfist (12)
全聚德烤鸭店quán jù dé kǎo yā diànRoast duck restaurant in Beijing (14.p)


ráncorrect, right, so, thus, like this, -ly (18)
然后rán hòuafter, then (afterwards), after that, afterwards (18)
ràngto ask, to let, to allow (18)
热情rè qíngcordial, enthusiastic, passion, passionate, passionately (18)
人民rén mín(the) people (20)
ròumeat, flesh (11)
as (if), such as (17)
如果rú guǒif, in case, in the event that (17)


sàito compete, competition, match (12)
三文鱼sān wén yúsalmon (11)
色拉sè lāsalad (11)
shānmountain, hill (17)
shāngcommerce, consult (15)
商店shāng diànstore, shop (15)
上海博物馆Shàng hǎi bó wù guǎnShanghai museum (18.p)
shēndeep, profound (19)
深刻shēn kèprofound, deep, deep-going (19)
沈阳shěn yángcapital of Liaoning province in north east China (19.p)
狮子舞shī zi wǔLion Dance (19.p)
shíreal, true, honest, really, solid (18)
实在shí zàiin reality, honestly, really, verily, concrete (18)
shōuto receive, to accept, to collect (15)
收款处shōu kuǎn chùcash desk (15)
shǒuhand, convenient (16)
手艺shǒu yìcraft, workmanship (16)
shūvegetables (11)
蔬菜shū càivegetables, produce (11)
shuǐwater, river (11, 17)
水果shuǐ guǒfruit (11)
shùnto obey, to arrange, to make reasonable, along (13)
顺便shùn biànconveniently, in passing (13)
silk, thread, trace (15)
丝绸sī chóusilk cloth, silk (15)
四川Sì chuānSichuan province, China (11.p)
suànregard as, to figure, to calculate, to compute (13)


太极拳tài jí quána kind of traditional Chinese shadowboxing (tai chi chuan) (12)
tàng(a measure word), a time, a trip (17)
kick, play (football or soccer) (12)
body, form, style, system (12)
体育tǐ yùphysical training, sports (12)
tiānto add, to increase, to replenish (16)
天坛tiān tánTemple of Heaven in Beijing (17.p)
tiánto fill in (20)
tíngto stop, to halt (14)
tǒngto gather, to unite, to unify, whole (19)
diagram, to plan, picture, drawing, chart (15)
tuánregiment, round, circular, group, society (19)


外边wài bian(n) outside, (n) exterior surface (20)
wánto play, to amuse oneself (16)
wǎngnet, network (12)
wǎngto go (in a direction), past, previous, towards (14)
网球wǎng qiútennis (12)
to dance, to wield, to brandish (19)
舞蹈wǔ dǎodance (19)


西west (15)
西安xī ānXi'an (city), the capital city of Shanxi Province (17.p)
西边xī biān(n) west side; to the west of (15)
西餐xī cānWestern-style food (11)
西湖Xī húthe West Lake in Hangzhou (18.p)
西湖醋鱼Xī hú cù yú the west lake fried fish with sour sauce (18.p)
习惯xí guànhabit, custom, usual practice, to be used to (18)
to be fond of, to like, to enjoy, to be happy (11)
喜欢xǐ huanto like, to be fond of (11)
xiāshrimp, prawn (11)
xiānearly, prior, former, in advance, first (17)
xiǎndanger (ous), rugged (19)
xiàngappearance, to be like, to resemble, to seem, elephant (18)
新华书店xīn huá shū diànXinhua bookstore (15.p)
xìnletter, true, to believe, sign, evidence (20)
信用xìn yòngcredit (20)
信用卡xìn yòng kǎcredit card (20)
to continue (18)


yāncigarette, tobacco, smoke (16)
yǎnto develop, to practice, to perform, to play, to act (19)
演出yǎn chū(acting) play, perform (19)
要是yào shìif (12)
business, occupation, study (20)
to lose, to leave behind (17)
一定yí dìngsurely, certainly, necessarily, fixed (12)
一共yí gòngaltogether (15)
遗憾yí hànregret, pity, sorry (17)
颐和园yí hé yuánSummer Palace (in Beijing) (17.p)
skill, art (16)
一起yì qǐtogether (12)
一直yì zhícontinuously, always, from the beginning of ... up to ..., all along (18)
yínsilver (14)
银行yín hángbank (14)
yìnstamp, seal, mark, print (18)
印象yìn xiàngimpression (18)
yíngarmy, to deal in, to trade, to operate, to run, camp, nourishment, to manage (20)
yíngto welcome (15)
营业yíng yèto do business, to trade (20)
yòngto use (13)
yōuexcellent, superior (19)
优美yōu měigraceful, fine, elegant (19)
yóuto walk, to tour, to roam, to swim, to travel (18)
游泳yóu yǒngswim (12)
有名的yǒu míng defamous, well-known (18)
友谊商店yǒu yì shāng diànfriendship store (15.p)
有用yǒu yònguseful (13)
右边yòu biānright (as opposed to left) (20)
fish (11)
nourish, to rear (12)
豫园Yù yuánYuyuan garden (18.p)
yuán(dynasty), dollar, primary, first (20)
yuǎnfar, distant, remote (14)
yuēappointment, agreement, to restrict, approximately (14)
yuèto exceed, to climb over, to surpass, the more ... the more (13)
越来越yuè lái yuèmore and more (13)
yùnto transport, to user, fortune, luck, fate (12)
运动yùn dòngmovement, sports (12)


mixed, miscellaneous, various, to mix (19)
杂技zá jìacrobatics (19)
咱们zán menwe (including the person spoken to) (11)
zhànstation, to stand, to halt, to stop (14)
zhāng(a measure word), (a surname), open up (15)
zhāoprovoke, to recruit (18)
招待zhāo dàito receive (guests), to entertain, reception (18)
zhǎoto return, to look for, , to find, to seek (14)
这么zhè meso (much), like this (16)
zhe-ing (indicates an action in progress) (16)
zhēnreal, true, genuine (11, 17)
真是zhēn shìit is truly... (11)
zhístraight, frank, directly, straightly, upright (14)
straight, vertical, frank, directly, straightly, upright (18, 20)
直接zhí jiēdirect (opposite of indirect) (14)
钟楼Zhōng lóu the Bell tower in Xi'an (18.p)
zhǒngkind, type, race (of people), seed (15)
zhōuencircle, circuit, week, cycle, thoughtful (12)
周末zhōu mòweekend (12)
zhūhog, pig, swine (11)
猪肉zhū ròupork (11)
转碟zhuàn diéplate-spinning (19.p)
桌子zhuō zitable, desk (18)
自动zì dòngautomatic (20)
自行车zì xíng chēbicycle (19)
zǒngalways, to assemble, gather, total, overall, head, chief (18)
总是zǒng shìalways (18)
zǒuto walk, to go, to move (14)
走钢丝zǒu gāng sīwire-walking (19.p)
foot, to be sufficient (12)
足球zú qiúfootball (British English), soccer (American English) (12)
zuòto sit, to take a seat, to take a bus, airplane etc. (14)

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