Intermediate Course III-IV Vocabulary List


a(a modal particle showing affirmation, approval, or consent) (26)
àionomat. sighing voice, oh dear (26)
安检ān jiǎnsafety check (21)
安全带ān quán dàiseat belt (21)
ànto press (with the hand), to push, to restrain, according to (23)
按摩àn mómassage (28)


巴士bā shìbus (loanword), motor coach (22)
(marker for direct-object), to hold, to contain, to grasp (21)
báiwhite, snowy, empty, blank, bright, clear, plain, pure, gratuitous (26)
白话文bái huà wénwritings in the vernacular (30)
bǎito place, to display, to swing, to show, to move, to exhibit (21)
摆渡bǎi dùferry (bus transportation inside airport) (21)
bānto move (sth. relatively heavy or bulky), to shift (23)
bǎna block of printing, an edition, version (30)
bànto do, to manage, to handle, to go about, to run, to set up, to deal with (26)
办理bàn lǐto handle, to transact, to conduct (21)
bǎngupper arm, wing (28)
bāoto cover, to wrap, to hold, to include, package, bag (25)
包裹bāo guǒwrap up, bind up, bundle, package (29)
包裹单bāo guǒ dānparcel form (29)
包括bāo kuòto comprise, to include, to involve, to incorporate, to consist of (26)
保健bǎo jiànhealth protection, health care, to maintain in good health (28)
保留bǎo liúto retain, to continue to have, to preserve (22)
保险bǎo xiǎninsurance, to insure, safe, secure, be sure, be bound to (29)
bèilearn by heart, the back of the body (28)
bèiby (marker for passive-voice), quilt, blanket (30)
本来běn láioriginal, originally, at first, it goes without saying (28)
(particle used for comparison and "-er than"), to compare, to contrast (26)
笔画bǐ huàstrokes of a Chinese character (30)
笔记本bǐ jì běnnotebook (21)
certainly, must, will, necessarily (29)
闭幕式bì mù shìclosing ceremony (26)
必须bì xūto have to, must (29)
必需品bì xū pǐnnecessity, essential (thing) (25)
biānedit, compile, write, compose (29)
biànto change, to become different, to transform, to vary, rebellion (26)
变得biàn deto become (29)
变化biàn huàchange, variation, to change, to vary (22)
标注biāo zhùto mark out, to tag, to put a sign on sth. (24)
表格biǎo géform, table (29)
表示biǎo shìto express, to show, to say, to state, to indicate, to mean (26)
biéto leave, to depart, to separate, to distinguish, other, another, do not (24)
别的bié deelse, other (29)
冰雕bīng diāoice sculpture (26)
冰啤bīng píice beer (21)
bìngand, furthermore, together with, to combine, to join, to merge (21)
to sow, to scatter, to spread, to broadcast (24)
玻璃bō liglass, nylon, plastic (26)
不动bú dòngmotionless (23)
不算bú suànnot counted as (30)
ministry, department, section, part, division (28)
不敢当bù gǎn dāngI dare not (accept the honor); I don't deserve your praise, you flatter me (29)
不久bù jiǔnot long (after), before too long, soon, soon after (28)
不同bù tóngdifferent, distinct, not the same, not alike (25)
部位bù wèiposition, place (28)


cáijust now, not until, (followed by a numerical clause) only (26)
参观cān guānto look around, to inspect, visit and observe (23)
cǎograss, straw, manuscript, draft (of a document), careless, rough (21)
book, a measure word for books, booklet (23)
céngonce, already, ever (in the past), former, previously (30)
cháto research, to check, to investigate, to examine (30)
查询chá xúnto check, to inquire, to consult, inquiry, query (29)
差不多chà bu duōalmost, nearly (28)
差得远chà de yuǎnfar from, not nearly enough (30)
chǎnto reproduce, to produce, product, resource, estate, property (25)
产品chǎn pǐngoods, merchandise, product (25)
常温啤cháng wēn píroom temperature beer (21)
chǎnga courtyard, open space, field, a measure word for sport or recreation) (26)
chāoto exceed, overtake, surpass, transcend, ultra-, super-, to pass, to cross (21)
超市chāo shìsupermarket (25)
车厢chē xiāngcarriage (24)
chēngto weigh, to state, to name, name, appellation, to praise (29)
chéngcity walls, city, town (21)
chéngto ride, mount, take advantage of (21)
城际chéng jìinter-city train (24)
成绩chéng jìachievement, performance records, grades (29)
乘坐chéng zuòto ride (in a vehicle) (24)
chèngscale, steelyard (29)
chíto grasp, to hold, support, manage (28)
迟到chí dàoto arrive late (29)
持续chí xùto continue, to persist, sustainable, preservation (26)
尺寸chǐ cunsize, dimension, measurement (21)
翅膀chì bǎngwing (21)
chōuto draw out, to smoke (cigarettes), to pump (25)
抽奖chōu jiǎngdraw a lottery (25)
出示chū shìto show (21)
出现chū xiànto appear, to arise, to emerge, to show up (26)
除夕Chú xīlunar New Year's Eve (26)
chùa place, location, spot, point, office, department, bureau, respect (24)
穿chuānto bore through, to dress, to wear, to put on (26)
传送带chuán sòng dàiconveyor belt, transmission belt (21)
chuángbed, couch, (a measure word) (26)
春节Chūn jiéSpring Festival (Chinese New Year) (26.p)
this (22)
measure word (of times) (28)
cōngscallion, green onion (25)
còuassemble, put together, press near, come together (23)
cuīurge, press, expedite, prompt, hurry (28)
cúnexist, deposit, store, keep, survive (25)


打火机dǎ huǒ jīlighter, cigarette lighter (29)
打喷嚏dǎ pēn tìto sneeze (27)
打扰dǎ rǎodisturb (24)
打折dǎ zhétenth (in price), to break, to fold, to turn, to give a discount (22)
打针dǎ zhēnto give or have an injection (27)
大量dà liànggreat amount, large quantity, bulk, numerous, magnanimous (30)
大厦dà shàlarge building, edifice, mansion (30)
大型dà xínglarge, large-scale (26)
dàiband, belt, area, zone, region (22)
dàisubstitute, replace, generation, dynasty, era (25)
dàia pouch, bag, sack, pocket (25)
代表dài biǎorepresentative, delegate, to represent, to stand for, on behalf of (25)
大夫dài fudoctor, physician (26)
代管dài guǎnto administer, to manage, to hold in trust or escrow (22)
贷款dài kuǎna loan (25)
dānto undertake, to carry, to shoulder, to take responsibility (27)
dānbill, list, form, single, only, sole (29)
单程票dān chéng piàoone-way ticket (24)
单号dān hàoparcel number (on a package) (29)
单位dān wèia unit, work place (30)
担心dān xīnanxious, worried, uneasy, to worry, to be anxious (27)
单子dān zilist of items (29)
dàninsipid, diluted, weak, mild, light in color, tasteless, indifferent (22)
dànbirth, birthday (26)
淡季dàn jìoff season, slow business season (n) (22)
当地dāng dìlocal (30)
当晚dàng wǎnthat evening, the same evening (26)
dǎoto fall, to collapse, to topple, to change, to fail, bankrupt (26)
dǎoto lead, to guide, to conduct, to direct (23)
导游dǎo yóutour conductor (n), conduct a tour (v) (23)
dàoto place upside down, to invert, to pour, to move backwards, contrary to expectation (26)
到底dào dǐfinally, in the end, after all, to the end, to the last (24)
代金券dào jīn quànvoucher (25)
到头dào tóuto the end (of), at the end of, in the end, to come to an end (24)
obtain, get, gain, proper, suitable, ready, finished (27)
得意dé yìproud of oneself, complacent (28)
děito have to, must, ought to, to need to (29)
dēngclimb, ascend, mount, go up, register (21)
登记dēng jìto register (one's name) (22)
等候děng hòuwaiting (21)
迪斯尼Dí sī ní(Walt) Disney, Disneyland (26.p)
background, bottom, base (28)
prefix for ordinal numbers, e.g. "first", etc. (24)
to hand over, to pass, to give (29)
地方dì fangarea, place, space, room (21)
地球仪dì qiú yíglobe (21)
地址dì zhǐaddress (22, 30)
电脑diàn nǎocomputer (21)
电器diàn qì(electrical) appliance, device (25)
电视剧diàn shì jùTV play (30)
电梯diàn tīelevator, escalator (22)
电影diàn yǐngmovie, film (30)
电邮地址diàn yóu dì zhǐemail address (30)
电子diàn zǐelectronic, electron (particle physics) (29)
电子邮件diàn zǐ xìn xiāngelectronic mailbox, e-mail address (30)
diàoto fall, to drop, to lag behind, to lose, to go missing, to reduce (26)
dìngto set, to fix, to determine, to decide, to order (23)
dìngto agree, to conclude, to draw up, to subscribe, to order (22)
订购dìng gòuto order, to subscribe, subscriber (30)
diūto lose, to put aside (25)
东奔西跑dōng bēn xī pǎoto rush about busily (idiom), to bustle about (25)
冬至dōng zhìwinter solstice (26)
dòngto use, to act, to move, to change (27)
动物dòng wùanimal (25)
动物园dòng wù yuánzoo (25)
dòuto stay, to stop, to tease (play with), amusing (25)
to stay, to stop, to tease (22)
逗留dòu liúto stay at, to stop over (22)
独栋别墅dú dòng bié shùdetached villa (25)
独体字dú tǐ zìindependently formed character (30)
to cross, to pass through, to ferry (21)
度过dù guòto spend, pass (26)
度假dù jiàto go on vacation (28)
肚子dù zibelly, abdomen, stomach (27)
duǎnlack, short (26)
短篇duǎn piānshort story (30)
短信duǎn xìnSMS message (30)
duànparagraph, section, segment (23)
duīto pile up, to heap up, a mass, pile, stack, large amount (26)
dūnton (loanword) (21)
多久duō jiǔhow long? (24)


évolume, amount, quantity, forehead, quota (29)
额外é wàiextra, added, additional (29)
恶心ě xīnnausea, to feel sick, disgust, nauseating (27)
恶劣è lièvile, nasty, of very poor quality (26)
eninterjection indicating approval, appreciation or agreement (22)
érand, as well as, but (not), yet (not), (shows causal relation) (28)
而且ér qiě(not only ...) but also, moreover, in addition, furthermore (25)
耳朵ěr duoear (27)


发表fā biǎoto issue, to publish (30)
发烧fā shāohave a fever (27)
发展fā zhǎndevelopment, growth, to develop, to grow, to expand (30)
short of, tired (26)
翻译fān yìto translate, to interpret, translator, interpreter (30)
返回fǎn huíto return to, to come (or go) back (23)
反正fǎn zhènganyway, in any case (23)
范围fàn wéirange, scope, limit, extent (29)
fāngsquare, place, direction, prescription (27)
方便fāng biànconvenient, to make things easy for people, convenience (25)
方式fāng shìway (of life), pattern, style, mode, manner (29)
方向fāng xiàngdirection, orientation, path to follow (24)
房子fáng zihouse, apartment, room (25)
fàngto release, to free, to put, to place, to set off (fireworks) (25)
放松fàng sōngto loosen, to relax (23)
fèito cost, to spend, fee, wasteful, expenses (21)
分开fēn kāito separate, to part (25)
分类fēn lèiclassification (25)
fèncopy (of newspaper, magazine, etc.), share, portion (21)
fēngabundant, gracefulness (26)
fēngto seal, measure word for letters (29)
丰富fēng fùrich, plentiful (26)
丰盛fēng shèngrich, sumptuous (26)
to support with hand, to help sb. up, to help (24)
width, roll, measure word for textiles or pictures (30)
clothes, dress, garment, submit, take (medicine) (27)
good fortune, happiness, luck (26)
福气fú qigood fortune, to enjoy good fortune (26)
服务fú wùto serve, service (23)
to pay (25)
rich (26)
付费fù fèito pay, to cover the costs (29)
付款fù kuǎnto pay, payment (25)
富裕fù yùprosperous, well-to-do, well-off (26)


gāithat, the above-mentioned, most likely, to deserve, should, ought to, owe (28)
感到gǎn dàoto feel, to sense, to think that, to move, to affect (27)
感觉gǎn juéto feel, to become aware of, feeling, sense (28)
赶快gǎn kuàiat once, immediately (23)
感冒gǎn màoto catch cold, (common) cold (27)
干活gàn huóto work, to be employed, manual labor (28)
gānghard, firm, strong, just, barely, exactly (24)
刚才gāng cái(just) a moment ago (24)
高铁gāo tiěhigh speed rail (24)
gǎoto do, to make, to go in for, to set up, to get hold of, to take care of (24)
鸽子gē zipigeon, dove, various birds of the species Columbidae (24)
隔天gé tiānevery other day, on alternate days (28)
各付各的gè fù gè deto pay separately (25)
各位gè wèieverybody (a term of address) (24)
根据gēn jùaccording to, based on, basis, foundation (26)
跟踪gēn zōngto follow sb's tracks, to tail, to shadow, tracking (29)
gèngmore, even more, further, still, still more (23)
更加gèng jiāmore (than sth. else), even more (29)
公交车gōng jiāo chēpublic transport vehicle, town bus (23)
公园gōng yuánpark (for public recreation) (26)
工资gōng zīwages, pay (22)
gǒudog (25)
gòuto buy, to purchase (25)
gòuto reach, to be enough (25)
购物gòu wùshopping (25)
鼓励gǔ lìto encourage (28)
look after, take into consideration, to attend to (25)
to hire (23)
guàto hang, to put up, to suspend (21)
挂断guà duànto hang up (a phone) (30)
挂号guà hàoto register (a letter, etc.) (29)
挂号信guà hào xìnregistered letter (29)
拐角guǎi jiǎocorner, turning (27)
guānto close, to shut, to turn off, to concern (30)
观光guān guāngto tour, sightseeing, tourism (22)
关门guān ménto close a door, to lock a door, (of a shop etc.) (23)
观念guān niànnotion, thought, concept, sense, views, ideology (25)
关系guān xirelation, relationship, to concern, to affect, to have to do with (25)
关于guān yúconcerning, regarding, pertaining to (30)
guǎnto control, to manage, to be in charge of, to look after, tube, pipe (27)
管用guǎn yòngefficacious, useful (27)
guānglight, ray, bright, only, merely, to use up (22)
光临guāng línbe present, to attend (22)
广guǎngwide, numerous, to spread (24)
广播guǎng bōbroadcast, broadcasting, to broadcast (24)
规定guī dìngprovision, to fix, to set, to formulate, to stipulate (21)
guìcupboard, cabinet, wardrobe (25)
柜台guì táisales counter (n), bar (21)
贵重guì zhòngprecious (22)
国际guó jìinternational (29)
国庆节Guó qìng jiéPRC National Day (October 1st) (26.p)
过程guò chéngcourse of events, process (28)
过秤guò chèngto weigh (29)
过道guò dàoaisle (21)
过敏guò mǐnto be allergic, allergy (27)
过期guò qīto expire (25)
过瘾guò yǐnto satisfy a craving, enjoy (26)


哈尔滨Hā ěr bīnHarbin, city and capital of Heilongjiang province (26.p)
hǎiocean, sea (22)
海景hǎi jǐngocean, sea scenery (22)
海绵hǎi miánsponge (27)
hángboat, ship, vessel, craft, to navigate, to sail (21)
航空háng kōngaviation (29)
航站楼háng zhàn lóuairport terminal (21)
杭州Háng zhōuHangzhou (city) (24.p)
豪华háo huáluxurious (22)
好极了hǎo jí levery good, great (28)
好像hǎo xiàngas if, seem like (v) (25)
hàoday of a month, (ordinal) number, to examine (the pulse) (27)
号脉hào màito feel the pulse (27)
核对hé duìto check, to verify, to examine (22)
何时hé shíwhen (21)
合适hé shìsuitable, fitting, decent, to fit (29)
合体字hé tǐ zìcharacter formed by combining existing elements (30)
合作hé zuòto cooperate, to collaborate, to work together, cooperation (21)
贺卡hè kǎgreeting card, congratulation card (29)
hēihey (23)
hēiblack, dark (26)
黑夜hēi yènight (26)
《红楼梦》Hóng lóu mèngRed Mansions (30.p)
hóumonkey (25)
后背hòu bèiback (of a body) (27)
tiger (25)
护照hù zhàopassport (21)
滑倒huá dǎoto slip (26)
huàto draw, picture, painting (26)
huàto delimit, to transfer, to assign, to differentiate, to mark off (27)
画儿huà erpicture, drawing, painting (26)
划价huà jiàhave a prescription priced (in a hospital) (27)
huànchange, exchange (28)
换车huàn chēto transfer, to change trains, buses etc. (24)
huāngto get panicky, to lose one's head, (after 得) unbearably (26)
黄金huáng jīngold (23)
恢复huī fùto reinstate, to resume, to restore, to recover, to regain, to rehabilitate (28)
回答huí dáto reply, to answer, the answer (28)
回到huí dàoto return to (24)
回忆huí yìto recall, memories (28)
huìfavor, benefit, to give sb. property or advantage, honorific (22)
惠顾huì gùyour patronage (25)
会员huì yuánmember (22)
会员卡huì yuán kǎmembership card (25)
活动huó dòngto exercise, to move about, to operate, activity, loose, movable (26)
huòmaybe, perhaps, might, possibly, or (25)
huògoods, money, commodity (30)
或者huò zhěor, possibly, maybe, perhaps (30)


to amass, to accumulate, to store (25)
flesh, muscle (28)
基本jī běnbasic, fundamental, main, elementary (22)
积分jī fēnintegral (in calculus), total credits earned (25)
几乎jī hūalmost, nearly, practically (26)
肌肉jī ròumuscle, flesh (28)
record, register, native place (30)
及时jí shíin time, promptly, without delay, timely (22)
急事jí shìemergency (22)
season, period (22)
lodge at, to mail, to send, to entrust, to depend (29)
to calculate, to compute, to count, reckon, to plan (23)
to remember, to note, mark, sign, to record (28)
border, edge, boundary, interval, between, inter-, time, occasion (29)
to fasten (21)
计费jì fèito calculate expenses (23)
纪念品jì niàn pǐnsouvenir (n) (23)
技巧jì qiǎoskill, technique (28)
jiǎ"A" (in a sequence of "A", "B", "C", etc.), 1st in order (23)
假如jiǎ rúif (23)
jiàprice (27)
jiàto drive, to mount (25)
价格jià géprice (25)
价值jià zhívalue, worth, fig. values (ethical, cultural etc.) (29)
架子jià zishelf, frame, stand, framework, airs, arrogance (30)
jiānstrong, solid, firm, unyielding, resolute (28)
jiānshoulder (28)
肩膀jiān bǎngshoulder (28)
坚持jiān chípersistence, to persist, to uphold, to insist on, persevere (28)
jiǎnto check, to examine, to inspect (24)
to check, to examine, to inspect, to exercise restraint (21)
简单jiǎn dānsimple, not complicated (30)
检票口jiǎn piào kǒucheck-in ticket gate (24)
jiànto recommend, to offer sacrifice (30)
jiàn(door lock) key (25)
jiàngradual, gradually (26)
jiànto establish, to found, to set up, to build (28)
见面jiàn miànto meet, to see each other (26)
建议jiàn yìto suggest, to recommend, proposal (28)
jiāngrigid, deadlock, stiff (28)
jiāngginger (25)
僵硬jiāng yìngstark, stiff (28)
jiǎngprize, award, encouragement (25)
jiàngto drop, to fall, to come down, to descend (25)
降价jiàng jiàprice reduction (25)
降温jiàng wēnlower the temperature (26)
jiāobanana (25)
jiāoto deliver, to make friends, to pay (money) (21)
交给jiāo gěito give, to deliver, to hand over (28)
jiǎoa kick, foot (28)
foot, leg, base (of an object) (21)
jiǎoangle, horn, horn-shaped (27)
jiǎoto twist, to entangle, to wring, to turn (25)
脚底jiǎo dǐsoles (of feet) (28)
绞肉jiǎo ròuground meat (25)
饺子jiǎo zidumpling (25)
教室jiào shìclassroom (21)
教育家jiào yù jiāeducationalist (30)
叫早jiào zǎomorning call (22)
jiēstreet, measure word:条 (21)
结实jiē shirugged, sturdy (26)
jiévictory, triumph, quick, nimble, prompt (21)
节庆jié qìngfestival (26)
结束jié shùtermination, to finish, to end, to conclude, to close (22)
捷运jié yùnrapid transit, subway (21)
结帐jié zhàngto pay the bill, to settle accounts (22)
jièto lend, to borrow, by means of, to take (an opportunity) (30)
jīnmetal, money, gold (25)
jǐnto use up, to exhaust, to end, to finish, to the utmost (28)
尽量jǐn liàngas much as possible, to the greatest extent (28)
jìnto advance, to enter, to come (or go) into, to eat or drink (24)
jǐngbright, circumstance, scenery (26)
circumstance, scenery (22)
景色迷人jǐng sè mí réncharming scenery (23)
office, situation (29)
桔子jú zitangerine, orange (25)
举办jǔ bànto conduct, to hold (26)
according to, to depend on, to seize (25)
巨额jù élarge sum (of money), a huge amount (30)
聚会jù huìparty, gathering, to meet, to get together (30)
决定jué dìngto decide (to do something), to resolve, decision (28)


to check, to stop, to block, card (28)
开会kāi huìto hold a meeting, to attend a meeting (29)
开幕式kāi mù shìopening ceremony (26)
开玩笑kāi wán xiàoto play a joke, to make fun of, to joke (26)
开往kāi wǎng(of a bus, train etc.) to leave for, heading for (24)
开药kāi yàoto prescribe medicine (27)
kānghealth (27)
康复kāng fùto recuperate, to recover (health) (27)
抗生素kàng shēng sùantibiotic (27)
考试kǎo shìto take an exam, exam (30)
靠背kào bèiback of a chair (21)
靠谱kào pǔreliable, reasonable, probable (30)
measure word for trees, cabbages, plants etc. (25)
咳嗽ké souto cough (27)
可惜kě xīit is a pity, what a pity, unfortunately (23)
客满kè mǎnno vacancy in a hotel (28)
kěnto agree, to consent (28)
肯定kěn dìngto be sure, to be certain, sure (28)
kōngair, sky, empty, in vain (25)
空调kōng tiáoair conditioning, air conditioner (22, 26)
空运kōng yùnair transport (29)
空闲kòng xiánfree time, leisure (28)
口渴kǒu kěthirsty (27)
bitter, intensely, miserable, painful (27)
快递kuài dìEMS (Express Mail Service) (29)
kuǎnsection, paragraph, funds (25)
狂人日记kuáng rén rì jìDiary of a madman by Lu Xun (30)
kuàngore, mine (25)
矿泉kuàng quánmineral spring (25)
矿泉水kuàng quán shuǐmineral spring water (25)
kuòenclose, include (26)


来历lái lìhistory, antecedents, origin (30)
láotoil, trouble (25)
劳驾láo jiàexcuse me (23)
老板lǎo bǎnboss, business proprietor (23)
乐意lè yìbe happy to do sth. (v), happy, satisfied (adj.) (28)
乐园lè yuántheme park, amusement part (26)
lèikind, type, class, category, similar, like, to resemble (30)
pear (25)
离开lí kāito depart, to leave (25)
礼物lǐ wùgift, present (25)
厉害lì haidifficult to deal with, ferocious, terrible, violent, tremendous, awesome (28)
力气lì qistrength (27)
例如lì rúfor example, for instance, such as (25)
联欢lián huānto have a get-together, celebration, party (26)
联系lián xìconnection, contact, relation, to get in touch with (22)
liánggrain, food, provisions (21)
liángto measure (27)
凉水liáng shuǐcool water, unboiled water (27)
liàngcapacity, quantity, amount, to estimate (28)
liànglight, bright (26)
lièto arrange, to line up, row, series, measure word for train (24)
列车liè chē(railway) train (24)
línto face, to overlook, to arrive (22)
零钱líng qiánchange (of money), small change, pocket money (22)
流鼻涕liú bí tìto run at the nose (27)
留存单liú cún dānreceipt (29)
lóngdragon (25)
lóuhouse with more than 1 story, storied building, floor (21)
鲁迅Lǔ xùnLu Xun (1881-1936) (30.p)
路口lù kǒucrossing, intersection (of roads) (25)
路线lù xiànitinerary, route, political line (23)
旅馆lǚ guǎnhotel (22)
旅客lǚ kètraveler, tourist (21)
旅途lǚ tújourney, trip (22)
旅行社lǚ xíng shètravel agency (23)
lùnopinion, view, theory, doctrine, to discuss, to regard (30)


weight, number, code, to pile, to stack (22)
玛丽Mǎ lìMary or Marie (name), Mali (24.p)
ma(particle used when something is obvious and understandable) (26)
买不着 mǎi bù zháonowhere to buy (23)
màimountain range, pulse (27)
mǎnto fill, to fulfill, filled (28)
满意mǎn yìsatisfied, pleased, to one's satisfaction (22)
mànunrestrained, to inundate (26)
漫长màn chángvery long, endless (26)
màobrave, bold, to (27)
美容měi róngcosmetology, improve one's looks (28)
mènbored, depressed, melancholy, sealed, airtight, tightly closed (24)
to squint (28)
secret, confidential, close, thick, dense (22)
密码mì mǎ(secret) code, password (22)
秘书mì shūsecretary (23)
miánsleep (27)
miǎnto exempt, to remove, to avoid, to excuse (22)
免费miǎn fèifree (of charge) (22)
面粉miàn fěnflour (25)
名著míng zhùfamous book or work (30)
to touch, to stroke, to grope, to feel (one's pulse) (21)
rub (28)


to hold, to seize, to catch, to apprehend, to take (21)
那道题nà dào díthat (math.) question (24)
耐心nài xīnpatient (24)
内容nèi róngcontent, substance, details (26)
能干néng gàncapable, competent (28)
年糕nián gāoNew Year cake made of steamed glutinous rice (26)
年级nián jígrade, year (in school, college etc.) (23)
年薪nián xīnannual salary (22)
年夜饭nián yè fànNew Year's Eve family dinner (26)
niǎobird, measure word:只,群 (21)
niēto pinch (with one's fingers), to knead, to make up (28)
niǔto turn, to twist, to wring, to sprain, to swing one's hips (28)
niǔbutton (22)
努力nǔ lìgreat effort, to strive, to try hard (30)


òoh! I see. (expressing realization and understanding) (21)


to crawl, to climb (23)
to be afraid, to fear (26)
拍成pāi chéngto shoot (a film) (30)
排列pái lièarray (30)
weary (26)
疲乏pí fátired, weary (26)
皮特Pí tèPeter (name) (24.p)
偏旁piān pángradical and phonetic (30)
便宜pián yiinexpensive (23)
piànthin piece, flake, a slice, film, TV play, tablets (27)
piàoelegant, polished (26)
漂亮piào liangpretty, beautiful (26)
pǐnconduct, grade, thing, product, good (25)
píngproof, to rely on, to depend on, to be based on (25)
píngto discuss, to comment, to criticize, to judge (30)
píng(TV or movie) screen (24)
评论píng lùncomment, to comment on, to discuss, commentary (30)
屏幕píng mùscreen (TV, computer or movie) (24)
平信píng xìnordinary mail (as opposed to air mail etc.) (29)
平邮píng yóuordinary mail (29)
普遍pǔ biànuniversal, general, widespread, common (29)


paint, lacquer, to paint (26)
漆黑qī hēipitch black (adj.) (26)
期间qī jiānperiod of time, time period, period (26)
his, her, its, theirs, that, such, it (refers to sth. preceding it) (30)
其次qí cìnext, secondly (30)
其实qí shíactually, in fact, really (23)
其他qí tāother, (sth. or sb.) else, the rest (30)
其它qí tāother, the others, else, other than it (22)
其中qí zhōngamong, in, included among these (30)
起飞qǐ fēi(of an aircraft) to take off (21)
qiānthousand (27)
qiānsign one's name, a note, a stick (22)
签名qiān míngto sign (one's name with a pen, etc.) (25)
千万qiān wànten million, countless, many, one must by all means (27)
qiángwall, measure word:面,堵 (21)
qīngclear, distinct, complete, pure (21)
请教qǐng jiàoto ask for guidance, to consult (30)
area, region, district, small, distinguish (21)
to take, to get, to choose, to fetch (27)
quánfountain, spring (25)
quánall, whole, entire, every, complete (28)
quànbond, contract, ticket, voucher (22)
quèbut, yet, however, while, to decline, to retreat (28)
确认què rènto confirm, to verify, confirmation (29)
确实què shíindeed, really, reliable, real, true (30)


ràngto yield, to permit, to let sb do sth., to have sb do sth. (26)
rǎoto disturb (24)
热闹rè naobustling with noise and excitement, lively (26)
人间rén jiānthe human world, the earth (25)
人山人海rén shān rén hǎimultitude, vast crowd (23)
认为rèn wéito believe, to think, to consider, to feel (30)
róngto hold, to contain, to allow, appearance, look, countenance (27)
容易róng yìeasy, likely, liable (to) (27)
as (if), such as (24)
入住rù zhùto check in (at a hotel etc.) (22)
ruǎnsoft, flexible (24)
软卧ruǎn wòsoft sleeper (24)
ruòweak, feeble, young, inferior (27)


《三国演义》Sān guó yǎn yìThree Kingdoms (30.p)
三明治sān míng zhìsandwich (21)
sǎnscattered, loose, to come loose, to fall apart, leisurely (30)
散文sǎn wénprose (30)
嗓子sǎng zithroat, voice (27)
沙漠shā mòdesert (21)
山清水秀shān qīng shuǐ xiùlit. verdant hills and limpid water (idiom), fig. enchanting scenery (23)
山楂shān zhāhawthorn tree (genus Crataegus), rose hip (hawthorn fruit) (25)
上海Shàng hǎiShanghai (24.p)
shāosomewhat, a little (22)
shāoto burn, to cook, to stew, to bake, to roast, fever (27)
稍等shāo děngto wait a moment (22)
shésnake, serpent (25)
设备shè bèiequipment, facilities, installations (21)
shēnextend, to state, to explain (25)
身份shēn fènidentity, status (21)
身份证shēn fèn zhèngidentity card, ID (29)
申请shēn qǐngapply (for), application (form, etc.) (25)
申请表shēn qǐng biǎoapplication form (25)
生活shēng huólife, activity, to live, livelihood (25)
生水shēng shuǐunboiled water (27)
生肖shēng xiào12 animals symbolic of the earthly branches 地支[di4 zhi1], animal from the Chinese zodiac (25)
shèngholy, sacred, saint, sage (26)
圣诞shèng dànChristmas (26)
圣诞节shèng dàn jiéChristmas time, Christmas season, Christmas (26)
圣诞老人shèng dàn lǎo rénSanta Claus (26)
剩余shèng yúremainder, surplus (26)
shīto lose, to miss, to fail (27)
失眠shī miánto suffer from insomnia (26)
实价shí jiàreal price (25)
十字shí zìcross road, cross-shaped, crucifix, the character ten (25)
十字路口shí zì lù kǒucross road, intersection (of roads) (25)
使shǐto make, to cause, to enable, to use, to employ, messenger (28)
始发站shǐ fā zhàndeparture station (24)
使劲shǐ jìnto exert all one's strength (28)
使用shǐ yòngto use, to employ, to apply, to make use of (30)
shìtype, form, pattern, style (29)
shìto show, reveal (21)
是否shì fǒuwhether (or not), if, is or isn't (28)
世界shì jièworld (30)
事情shì qingaffair, matter, thing, business (28)
事先shì xiānin advance, before (hand), prior (28)
shōuto receive, to accept, to collect (24)
收费shōu fèifee, charge (27)
收件人shōu jiàn rénrecipient (of mail), To: (email header) (29)
收据shōu jùreceipt (21)
手臂shǒu bìarm, helper (28)
手册shǒu cèmanual (23)
手到病除shǒu dào bìng chúillness be cured by hand (28)
手法shǒu fǎtechnique, trick, skill (28)
首届shǒu jièfirst session (of a conference etc.) (26)
手术shǒu shù(surgical) operation, surgery (27)
首页shǒu yèhome page, title page, front page, first page (30)
手指shǒu zhǐfinger (28)
shòuto sell (24)
售票处shòu piào chùticket office (24)
shūto lose, to transport, to enter (a password) (25)
shūto stretch, to unfold, to relax, leisurely (27)
舒服shū fucomfortable, feeling well (27)
书籍shū jíbooks, works (30)
输入shū rùto import, to input (25)
shǔrat, mouse (25)
shǔto belong to, subordinate to, affiliated with, be born in the year of (one of the 12 animals) (25)
shǔto count (24)
属相shǔ xiàngcolloquial term for 生肖 the animals associated with the years of a 12-year cycle (25)
刷卡shuā kǎto use a credit card (or swipe card) (22)
shuāngtwo, double, pair, both (30)
双人shuāng réntwo-person, double, pair (22)
shuǎnginvigorating, frank, open, bright, clear (26)
水管子shuǐ guǎn ziwater pipe (27)
《水浒传》Shuǐ hǔ zhuàngWater Margin (30.p)
shuìto sleep (27)
睡眠shuì miánsleeping, slumber (27)
睡醒shuì xǐngto wake up, awake, conscious (27)
睡着shuì zháoto fall asleep (26)
顺利shùn lìsmoothly, without a hitch (28)
顺序shùn xùsequence, order (25)
说法shuō faway of speaking, wording, statement (24)
斯大林公园Sī dà lín gōng yuánStalin park in Harbin (26.p)
思想家sī xiǎng jiāthinker (30)
to die, impassable, uncrossable, inflexible, rigid, extremely (27)
死后sǐ hòuafter death, posthumous (25)
送达sòng dáto deliver, to serve notice (law) (29)
送达 sòng dáto be delivered (29)
送礼sòng lǐto give a present (29)
搜索sōu suǒto search, to look for sth., Internet search (30)
苏杭Sū HángSuzhou and Hangzhou (23)
速溶sù róngquick-dissolving, instantly-ready, instant (21)
虽说suī shuōthough, although (23)
suíto follow, to comply with, varying according to..., to allow (22)
随时suí shíat any time, at all times, at the right time (22)
suìto break down, to break into pieces, fragmentary (23)
所以suǒ yǐtherefore, as a result (27)
所有suǒ yǒuall, to have, to possess, to own (25)


太阳岛Tài yáng dǎoSun island in Harbin (26.p)
tángsugar, sweets, candy (26)
tǎngto lie down, to recline (26)
tànga time, a trip (24)
tāoto fish out (from pocket), to scoop (21)
táo(surname), pottery (23)
陶俑táo yǒngterri-cotta, pottery figurine buried with the dead (23)
tǎoask for, to demand, to marry (26)
讨厌tǎo yàndisgusting, troublesome, nasty (26)
特快tè kuàiexpress (train, delivery etc.) (24)
téngache, pain, sore, (it) hurts, love fondly (27)
ladder, stairs (22)
提供tí gōngto offer, to supply, to provide, to furnish (23)
题目tí mùsubject, title, topic (23)
提前tí qiánto shift to an earlier date, to advance (24)
体温tǐ wēn(body) temperature (27)
体验tǐ yànto experience for oneself (28)
天津Tiān jīnTianjin (city in northern China) (24.p)
天堂tiān tángparadise, heaven (23)
tiánto fill in (25)
甜点tián diǎndessert (25)
填写tián xiěto fill or write in a blank spot on a form (29)
tiáoharmonize, reconcile (27)
tiáomeasure word for long, thin things (23)
调理tiáo lǐrecuperate (27)
调直tiáo zhíto straighten (21)
tiēto stick, to paste, to keep close to (29)
to stick, to paste, to post (e.g. on a blog) (26)
贴足tiē zúto put enough stamps (29)
停止tíng zhǐto stop, to halt, to cease (24)
挺好tǐng hǎovery good (23)
tōnggo through, know well, to connect, to communicate, open (21)
通常tōng chángregular, usual, normal, usually, normally (29)
通票tōng piàoone for all ticket, through ticket (23)
通知tōng zhīnotify, inform, notice, notification (24)
同样tóng yàngsame, equal, equivalent (23)
同一tóng yīidentical, the same (28)
头疼tóu téngheadache (27)
头晕tóu yūndizzy (27)
tòuto penetrate, thorough, penetrating, to pierce (27)
earth, dust (21)
rabbit (25)
tuīpush, refuse (responsibility) (25)
推荐tuī jiànto recommend, recommendation (28)
退tuìretreat, to decline, to move back, to withdraw (22)
退房tuì fángto check out of a hotel room (22)
tuōto take off, to escape, to get away from (21)
托运tuō yùnto check through (baggage) (21)


外衣wài yīouter clothing, appearance (21)
晚会wǎn huìevening party (26)
wànten thousand, a great number (22)
万里wàn lǐfar away, thousands of miles, 10000 li (21)
汪汪wāng wānggleaming with tears, woof woof, (of a body of water) broad and deep (26)
wǎnga net (22)
往返wǎng fǎnto go back and forth, to go to and fro, round trip (24)
网购wǎng gòuInternet shopping, to purchase online (29)
wàngto forget, to overlook, to neglect (23)
为止wéi zhǐuntil (26)
尾巴wěi batail (21)
wèistomach (27)
文豪wén háoliterary giant, great writer, eminent writer (30)
闻名wén míngwell-known, famous, renowned, eminent (30)
文学wén xuéliterature (30)
to lie, to crouch (24)
卧床wò chuángto lie in bed (28)
乌龟wū guītortoise, cuckold (24)
thing, object, matter (25)
物品wù pǐnarticles, goods, materials (22)


希望xī wàngto wish for, to desire, hope (26)
《西游记》Xī yóu jìJourney to the West (30.p)
to wash, to bathe (22)
xiānfresh (25)
xiánto stay idle, to be unoccupied, not busy, leisure (28)
显示xiǎn shìto show, to illustrate, to display (24)
线xiànthread, string, wire, line (26)
现代xiàn dàimodern times, modern age, modern era (30)
现金xiàn jīncash (22)
xiāngfragrant, incense, sweet, scented, popular (25)
xiāngbox, trunk (21)
香蕉xiāng jiāobanana (25)
相遇xiāng yùto meet, to encounter, to come across (25)
xiàngto resemble, to be like, to look as if, such as, appearance, image, portrait (21)
象形文xiàng xíng wénpictogram, hieroglyph (30)
消费xiāo fèito consume (25)
小说xiǎo shuōnovel, fiction, measure word 篇 (29)
xiàolaugh, smile (23)
xiàoeffect, efficacy (25)
效果xiào guǒresult, effect, quality (28)
笑眯眯xiào mī mībeaming, all smiles (28)
携带xié dàito carry (on a person) (24)
谐音xié yīnhomonym, homophone, harmonic (component of sound) (26)
xīnheart, mind (27)
辛苦xīn kǔhard, exhausting, with much toil, thanks for your trouble (28)
心情xīn qíngmood, frame of mind (26)
心疼xīn téngto love dearly, to feel sorry for sb, to regret, to grudge (30)
信封xìn fēngenvelope (29)
信息xìn xīinformation, news, message (29)
信用xìn yòngto trust, credit, trustworthiness, creditworthiness (25)
信用卡xìn yòng kǎcredit card (25)
行李xíng liluggage (21)
性格xìng génature, disposition, temperament, character (25)
to require, to need, to want, necessity, need (21)
devoid of content, void, false, empty, vain (27)
beard, necessary, must (29)
虚弱xū ruòweak, in poor health (27)
需要xū yàoto need, to want, to demand, to require, requirement, need (21)
xuǎnto choose, to pick, to select, to elect (28)
选择xuǎn zéto select, to pick, choice, option, alternative (29)
雪景xuě jǐngsnow scenery (26)
xúnto ask about, to inquire about (25)
循环xún huánto cycle, to circulate, circle, loop (25)


tooth, ivory (27)
ya(final part.) (24)
yánsalt (26)
yànloathe (26)
yànto examine, to test, to check (28)
央视yāng shìChina Central Television (CCTV) (26)
yáng(surname), sheep (26)
sheep, goat (25)
yángpositive (electric.), sun (22)
阳历yáng lìsolar calendar, Western (Gregorian) calendar (26)
阳台yáng táibalcony (22)
yāowaist, lower back, pocket, middle (28)
腰椎yāo zhuīlumbar vertebra (lower backbone) (28)
yàomedicine, drug, cure (27)
药方yào fāngprescription (27)
night (22)
业余yè yúspare time, amateur (26)
医科yī kēmedicine (as a science), medical science (28)
医学yī xuémedicine, medical science, study of medicine (30)
医治yī zhìto treat (an illness), medical treatment (28)
一辈子yí bèi zi(for) a lifetime (25)
一带yí dàiregion, district (23)
一定yí dìngsurely, certainly, necessarily, fixed, particular, must (29)
一块yí kuàione block, one piece, one (unit of money), together (27)
一切yí qièeverything, every, all (28)
移位yí wèito shift, shift, translocation, displacement, dislocation (28)
一样yí yàngsame, like, equal to, the same as, just like (24)
以便yǐ biànso that, so as to, in order to (29)
已经yǐ jīngalready (24)
change, easy, simple (27)
criticize, discuss (28)
易买得Yì mǎi déKorean E-Mart (25.p)
一直yì zhístraight (in a straight line), continuously, always, all along (24)
阴历yīn lìlunar calendar (26)
阴天yīn tiāncloudy day, overcast sky (26)
yǐnaddiction, craving (26)
饮料yǐn liàobeverage (21)
饮品yǐn pǐnbeverage (25)
yìnghard, stiff, strong, firm (24)
硬卧yìng wòhard sleeper (24)
yǒngwooden figures buried with the dead (23)
永远yǒng yuǎnforever, eternal (29)
用力yòng lìto exert oneself physically (28)
yōuexcellent, superior (22)
优惠yōu huìpreferential, favorable (22)
yóupost (office), mail (29)
邮编yóu biānpostal code, zip code (29)
邮费yóu fèipostage (29)
邮寄yóu jìto mail, to send by post (29)
邮件yóu jiànmail, post (29)
邮局yóu júpost office (29)
邮票yóu piào(postage) stamp (29)
邮箱yóu xiāngmailbox (30)
游园会yóu yuán huìgarden party (26)
有关yǒu guānto relate to, related to, to concern, concerning (30)
有机yǒu jīorganic (25)
有效yǒu xiàoeffective, in effect, valid (25)
有效期yǒu xiào qīperiod of validity (25)
in, at, to, from, by, than, out of (30)
extra, surplus, remaining, after (26)
extra, surplus, remaining, in excess of (some number) (26)
愉快yú kuàicheerful, delightful, pleasant, pleasing, happy (22)
and, to give, together with (22)
雨夹雪yǔ jiā xuěsleet (26)
(surname), elegant (24)
预报yù bàoforecast (26)
预订yù dìngplace an order, book ahead (v) (22)
郁闷yù mèngloomy, depressed (24)
预约yù yuēreservation, reserve (28)
原价yuán jiàoriginal price (30)
原来yuán láioriginal, former, originally, formerly, at first (25)
元宵节Yuán xiāo jiéLantern Festival, on 15th of first month of the lunar calendar (26.p)
原因yuán yīncause, origin, root cause, reason (30)
月底yuè dǐend of the month (26)


杂文zá wénessay (30)
杂志zá zhìmagazine (29)
zàito carry, to convey, to load, to hold, to fill up (21)
在意zài yìcare about, mind (v) (26)
zǎnto collect, to hoard, to accumulate, to save (25)
赞扬zàn yángto praise, to approve of, to show approval (30)
脏乱zāng luàndirty and disordered, in a mess (21)
zāodregs, to waste, spoil (27)
糟糕zāo gāotoo bad, how terrible, what bad luck, terrible (27)
糟透zāo tòuin a bad state, horrible, dreadful, entirely regrettable (27)
zhāhawthorn, Chinese quince (25)
zhànstation, to stand, to halt, to stop (21)
站台zhàn táiplatform (at a railway station) (24)
账户zhàng hùbank account, online account (30)
着急zháo jíto worry, to feel anxious (24)
zhǎoto try to find, to look for, to find, to seek (30)
照看zhào kànto look after, to attend to (28)
兆麟公园Zhào lín gōng yuánZhaolin park in Harbin (26.p)
照相zhào xiàngtake a photograph (23)
zhétenth (in price), to break, to fold, to turn (22)
zhě-ist, -er (person), person (who does sth.) (30)
诊所zhěn suǒclinic (28)
zhěngexactly, whole, complete, entire, in order, orderly (23)
整个zhěng gèwhole, entire, total (26)
整理zhěng lǐto arrange, to tidy up, to sort out, to straighten out (24)
整夜zhěng yèall night long (27)
正常zhèng chángregular, normal, ordinary (24)
证件zhèng jiàncertificate, papers, credentials, document, ID (21)
正是zhèng shìprecisely, exactly, just like, in the same way as (21)
zhījuice (25)
zhīliterary equivalent of 的 de (30)
zhī(a measure word for birds and some animals, etc.) (24)
之一zhī yīone of (sth.), one out of a multitude, one (third, quarter, percent, etc.) (30)
直播zhí bōlive broadcast (not recorded), direct Internet broadcasting (26)
值得zhí deto be worth, to deserve (23)
直接zhí jiēdirect, directly, straightforward (27)
值日zhí rìon day duty (21)
职业zhí yèoccupation, profession, vocation, professional (22)
zhìaspiration, ambition, the will (29)
zhìarrive, most, to, until (26)
治疗zhì liáoto treat (an illness), medical treatment, therapy (28)
至少zhì shǎoat least, (to say the) least (21)
忠告zhōng gàoto give sb a word of advice, advice, counsel (28)
中秋节Zhōng qiū jiéthe Mid-Autumn Festival on 15th of 8th lunar month (26.p)
zhòngheavy, serious (21)
重量zhòng liàngweight (29)
重要zhòng yàoimportant, significant, major (25, 26)
zhúto pursue, to chase, individually, one by one (26)
逐渐zhú jiàngradually (26)
煮开zhǔ kāito boil (food) (27)
zhùto make known, to show, to prove, to write, book, outstanding (30)
zhùto concentrate, to pay attention, to note, to register (27)
zhùinvoke, pray to, wish, to express good wishes (22)
注册zhù cèto register, to enroll (30)
祝福zhù fúblessings, to wish sb well (30)
著名zhù míngfamous, celebrated, well-known (30)
注意zhù yìtake note of, (pay) attention (to) (27)
转车zhuǎn chēto transfer, to change trains, buses etc. (24)
转暖zhuǎn nuǎn(the weather)become warmer (26)
状况zhuàng kuàngcondition, state, situation (26)
准备zhǔn bèipreparation, to prepare (22)
to consult (25)
咨询zī xúnconsultative, advisory (25)
咨询台zī xún táiconsultative or advisory desk (25)
自动zì dòngautomatic, voluntarily (24)
自动扶梯zì dòng fú tīescalator (24)
自来水zì lái shuǐrunning water, tap water (27)
zǒngalways, to assemble, gather, total, overall, head, chief, general (27)
走道zǒu dàopavement, sidewalk, path, walk, footpath (25)
zuǐmouth (27)
最后zuì hòufinal, last, finally, ultimate (24)
作家zuò jiāauthor (30)
做梦zuò mèngto dream, to have a dream (22)
作品zuò pǐnworks (of art) (30)
座位zuò wèiseat (24)
作文zuò wénto write an essay, composition (23)

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