Elementary Course I-II Vocabulary List


爱人ài renspouse, husband, wife, sweetheart (3)
澳大利亚ào dà lì yàAustralia, Australian (3.p)


爸爸bà bafather (2)
ba(a modal particle indicating polite suggestion), ...right?, ...OK? (5)
bǎihundred (5)
bānteam, class, rank, squad, a work shift, a measure word (8)
bānsort, kind, class, way, manner (8)
bànhalf (8)
bāngto assist, to support, to help, group, gang, party (5)
bàngnear (10)
傍晚bàng wǎnin the evening, when night falls, towards evening (10)
bàoto announce, to inform, report, newspaper (10)
北大Běi dà short form for Beijing University(北京大学) (3.p)
北京Běi jīngBeijing (capital of People's Republic of China) (4.p)
("-er than"), to compare, to contrast (10)
比较bǐ jiàocompare, contrast, fairly, quite, rather (10)
to finish, to complete (7)
毕业bì yègraduation, to graduate, to finish school (7)
biàna time, measure word, all over, one time (6)
标准biāo zhǔnstandard (6)
biǎosurface, to show, express, a list or table (9)
表示biǎo shìto express, to show, to state, to indicate (9)
别的bié deelse, other (10)
冰岛Bīng dǎoIceland (3.p)
不错bú cuòcorrect, right, not bad, pretty good (6)
不客气bú kè qiyou're welcome, impolite, rude, blunt, don't mention it (1)
(negative prefix), not, no (1)


cāntake part in, participate, join, attend (9)
参加cān jiāto participate, to take part, to join (9)
cǎograss, straw (8)
厕所cè suǒtoilet, WC (4)
chátea, tea plant (6)
chàdifferent, short of, poor, to lack (8)
chángoften (7)
chánglength, long, forever, always, constantly (9)
长寿cháng shòu(n) longevity (9)
长寿面cháng shòu miànlongevity noodles (9)
chéngrule, order, regulations, formula, journey (4)
chīto eat (8)
chūto go or come out (8)
出口chū kǒuto speak, to exit, to go out, to export (1)
出去chū qùto go out (8)
出生chū shēngto be born (9)
chuángbed, couch, (a measure word) (8)
春天chūn tiānspring (season) (10)
cóngfrom, obey, observe, follow (3)


big, huge, large, major, great, eldest (3)
大卫Dà WèiDavid (6.p)
大学dà xuéuniversity (2, 3)
大约dà yuēapproximately, about (8)
dāistay, stupid (9)
大夫dài fudoctor (7)
但是dàn shìbut, however (5)
dàoto, until (a time), up to, to go, to arrive (9)
德国Dé guóGermany, German (3.p)
dea structural particle used after a verb as a complement of degree (4)
de(structual particle), (possessive particle), of (1)
děnggrade, equal to, wait for, et cetera, and so on (10)
to lower (one's head), low, to incline, beneath, low (10)
弟弟dì diyounger brother (2)
diǎn(a measure word), o'clock (8)
o'clock, (a measure word), point, dot (4)
冬天dōng tiānwinter (10)
dǒngto understand, to know (5)
dōuall, both, entirely (due to)each, even, already (8)
alone, independent, single, sole, only (2)
capacity, degree, standard (10)
duìcouple, pair, to be opposite, to oppose, for, to, correct, right (10)
对不起duì bu qǐ(I'm) sorry, forgive me (6)
duōmany, much, a lot of, numerous, multi- (5)
多长duō chánghow long(time) (9)
多大duō dàhow old (6)
多少duō shǎohow much, how many, which (number) (5)


俄罗斯é luó sīRussia (3.p)
enOK, yeah, what?, interjection indicating approval (10)
érson (2)
儿子ér zison (2)


发音fā yīnpronunciation (6)
law, method, way, Buddhist teaching, Legalist, France (abbrev.) (6)
法国Fǎ guóFrance, French (3.p)
fànfood, cuisine, cooked rice, meal (8)
非常fēi chángunusual, extraordinary, extremely (5)
芬兰Fēn lán Finland (3.p)
芬兰语fēn lán yǔFinnish (language) (4)
fēngwind, news, style, custom, manner (10)
father (2)
父母fù mǔfather and mother, parents (2)
父亲fù qīnfather (formal) (2)


gǎncatch up, drive away, hurry (8)
gànto work, to do, to manage (8)
gāohigh, tall (10)
高兴gāo xìnghappy, glad, willing (to do sth), in a cheerful mood (1)
哥哥gē geelder brother (2)
(a measure word), individual (2)
gēnto follow, to go with, heel, with, and (4)
gōngwork, worker, labor (4)
gōngjust, honorable (designation), public, common (7)
工程gōng chéngengineering, an engineering project, project, undertaking (4)
工程师gōng chéng shīengineer (4)
公司gōng sī(business) company (7)
工作gōng zuòjob, to work, construction, work, task (2)
gòuto reach, to be enough (10)
guāblow (of the wind) (10)
刮风guā fēngwindy (10)
guǎnhall, a place for cultural or sports activities (8)
广州Guǎng zhōuGuangzhou (city in China) (9.p)
guìexpensive, noble, your (name), precious (1)
贵姓guì xìngwhat's your name?, May I ask your name? (1)
guócountry, state (3)
guò(past tense marker), to cross, to go over, to pass (time), to live (9)


háialso, in addition, more, still, else, still, yet, (not) yet (2)
还是hái shìor, still, nevertheless (7)
孩子hái zichild (2)
韩国Hán guó South Korea (3.p)
hànthe Han(nationality), Chinese, name of a dynasty (4)
汉诺Hàn NuòHannu (8.p)
汉语hàn yǔChinese language (4)
汉字Hàn zìChinese character (4)
杭州Háng zhōuHangzhou (city in China) (7.p)
hǎogood, well (1)
好好儿hǎo hāorproperly, thoroughly (5)
hàoday of a month, number (9)
and, with (2)
hěnvery (1)
hòuwait, await, time, season (5)
hòuback, behind, rear, afterwards, after, later (8)
后天hòu tiānthe day after tomorrow (9)
protect (7)
护士hù shinurse (7)
huàword, remark (6)
huānjoyous, happy, pleased (9)
欢迎huān yíngto welcome (9)
huíto return, to go back (8)
回头见huí tóu jiànSee you later (1)
huìbe able to (4)


how much, how many, several, a few (2)
6th heavenly stem, self (3)
discipline, age, era, period, order, record (6)
季节jì jiétime, season, period (10)
jiāmix, hold between, clip, press from both sides (10)
jiāfamily, home, house (2)
jiāto add, plus (9)
加拿大Jiā ná dàCanada, Canadian (3.p)
jiānbetween, among, space, (measure word) (8)
jiāndouble, twice, simultaneous, holding more than one posts at the same time (7)
兼职jiān zhípart-time (7)
jiànto see, to meet, to appear (to be sth), to interview (1)
见到jiàn dàoto meet (1)
jiāoto teach (5)
jiàoreligion, teaching (10)
jiàodistinct, compare (10)
jiàoto call, to be called (1)
jiàoa nap, a sleep (8)
教室jiào shìclassroom (10)
jiéfestival, section, measure word for lessons (6)
姐弟jiě dìelder sister and younger brother (2)
姐姐jiě jieelder sister (2)
姐妹jiě mèisisters (2)
jièintroduce, lie between (3)
介绍jiè shàoto present, introduction, to introduce (3)
jīntoday, modern, present, current, this (9)
今年jīn niánthis year (9)
今天jīn tiāntoday, at the present (9)
jīngclassics, sacred book, pass through, to undergo, scripture (8)
经常jīng chángeveryday, day-to-day, frequently, regularly (8)
经理jīng lǐmanager, director (6)
jiǔ(long) time, (long) duration of time (1)
jiùthen, right away, only, (emphasis) (5)
form gathering, gather (9)
聚会jù huì(v) meet; gather, (n) meeting; gathering (9)
觉得jué deto feel (6)
to think, to feel (5)


kāiopen, operate (vehicle), start (5)
开会kāi huìhave a meeting (8)
开门kāi ménopen (the) door (10)
开始kāi shǐto begin, to start (5)
kànit depends, think, to see, to look at (5)
can, may, able to, certain(ly), but (2)
可是kě shìbut, however (6)
可以kě yǐcan, may, possible, able to (5)
quarter (hour), (a measure word), to carve, to engrave, to cut, oppressive (8)
customer, visitor, guest (1)
class, lesson (8)
kǒumouth, (a measure word) (2)
口语kǒu yǔspoken language (6)
kuàifast (6)
快乐kuài lèhappy, merry (5)


láito come (3, 4)
lǎo(a prefix used before the surname), old (of people) (1)
老师lǎo shīteacher (1)
(surname), happy, laugh, cheerful (9)
le(modal particle), (past tense marker) (2, 4)
lèiexhaused, tired (8)
lěngcold (10)
离开lí kāito depart, to leave (9)
reason, logic, science, inner principle or structure (6)
li, a Chinese unit of length = 1, 2 kilometer, within, inside (4)
李明Lǐ MíngChinese name (1.p)
丽莎Lì Shā Lisa (3.p)
liángcool, cold (10)
凉快liáng kuainice and cold, pleasantly cool (10)
liǎngboth, two, 50g (2)
两遍liǎng biàntwice (6)
两个朋友liǎng ge péng youtwo friends (2)
língzero, 0 (9)
零上líng shàngabove zero (10)
零下líng xiàbelow zero (10)
liúleave (message), to retain, to stay, to remain, to keep, to preserve (3)
流利liú lìfluent (6)
留学生liú xué shēngexchange student studying abroad (3)
lóngdragon, imperial, Long (a surname) (9)


妈妈mā mamother (2)
horse, horse chess piece, Surname (5)
玛丽Mǎ lì Mary (3.p)
马马虎虎mǎ mǎ hū hūso-so, passable (4)
maan interrogative particle, (question tag) (1)
mànslow (6)
mángbusy (8)
mesuffix (4)
méi(negative prefix for verbs), have not, not (2)
没关系méi guān xiit doesn't matter (5)
没有méi yǒunot, no, haven't (2)
měieach, every (7)
美国Měi guóAmerica, American, United States of America, USA (3.p)
每周měi zhōuevery week (7)
美卓Měi zhuóMetso (Finnish company) (7.p)
妹妹mèi meiyounger sister (2)
ménopening, door, gate, doorway, gateway (10)
men(plural marker for pronouns) (3)
面条儿miàn tiáor(n) noodles (9)
míngclear, bright, to understand, next (5)
míngname (1)
明年míng niánnext year (5)
名片míng piànbusiness card (1)
明天míng tiāntomorrow (5)
明天见míng tiān jiànSee you tomorrow (1)
名字míng zi(a person's) name (1)
end, final stage, latter part (8)
female, mother (2)
母亲mǔ qīnmother (formal) (2)
tree, wood (8)


which (3)
哪个nǎ gewhich one (3)
哪里nǎ lǐno, it is nothing (4)
where (3)
(pron.) that, (conj) then (2)
那里nà lǐthere, that place (4)
nánmale (1)
nándifficult (to...), problem, difficulty, difficult (6)
男朋友nán péng youmale friend (2)
哪儿nǎrwhere (3)
那儿nàrthere, that place (4)
neHow about(interrogative particle) (1)
néngcan, may, capable, able (5)
you (sing.) (1)
niányear (4)
年纪nián jìage (6)
niànto read aloud (8)
nínyou (formal) (1)
牛奶niú nǎimilk (6)
female, woman (1, 2)
女儿nǚ érdaughter (2)
女朋友nǚ péng youfemale friend (2)
暖和nuǎn huowarm, nice and warm (10)
nuòto promise (8)


朋友péng youfriend (2)
啤酒pí jiǔbeer (6)
piàna slice, piece, flake, thin, slice (1)
普通pǔ tōngcommon, ordinary, general, average (6)
普通话pǔ tōng huàMandarin (common language) (6)


a period of time, phase, stage, term, to hope (9)
to rise, to raise, to get up (8)
起床qǐ chuángto get up (8)
air, anger, gas, smell, weather, to get angry (1)
气候qì hòuclimate, atmosphere, situation (10)
气温qì wēnair temperature (10)
前天qián tiānthe day before yesterday (9)
qīndear, intimate, parent, relation, closely related (2)
qíngclear, fine (weather) (10)
晴天qíng tiānsunny (10)
qǐngplease (do sth) (1)
请问qǐng wènMay I ask... (1)
秋天qiū tiānautumn (10)
to go, to leave, to remove (3, 5)
去年qù niánlast year (9)


heat, to heat up, fervent, hot (of weather), warm up (10)
rénperson, people (2)
rènto recognize, to know, to admit (1)
认识rèn shibe acquainted with, to know, to be familiar with, to recognize (1)
day, sun, dayly (4)
日本Rì běn Japan (3.p)
容易róng yìeasy, likely, liable (to) (6)
入口rù kǒuentrance (1)
瑞典Ruì diǎnSweden (3.p)


shàngon, on top, upon, previous or last (week, etc.), to attend, to go, to mount, upper (2)
上班shàng bānto go to work (8)
上个月shàng ge yuèlast month (9)
上星期shàng xīng qīlast week (9)
shǎofew, little, lack (5)
shàoto introduce (3)
什么shén mewhat (1)
什么时候shén me shí houwhat time, when (5)
shēngto be born, to give birth, life, to grow (1)
生词shēng cínew word (6)
生日shēng rìbirthday (9)
生意shēng yìbusiness (7)
圣诞shèng dànChristmas (5)
圣诞快乐shèng dàn kuài lèMerry Christmas (5)
shīteacher, master, expert (1)
shítime, hour, occasionally, o'clock, when, season, period (5)
shíto know, knowledge (1)
时候shí houtime, length of time, moment, period (5)
时间shí jiāntime, period (8)
shǐbegin (5)
shìto show, reveal (9)
shìscholar, soldier, nurse (7)
shìmatter, thing, item, work, affair (10)
shìto be (1)
shìroom, office (10)
是的 shì deyes (3)
寿shòu(long) life (9)
shūbook, letter (5)
shùtree (4)
shùnumber, figure, to calculate, several (6)
shuíwho (2)
shuìto sleep (8)
睡觉shuì jiàoto go to bed, to sleep (8)
shuōto speak, to say (4)
说话shuō huàto speak, to talk (6)
company (7)
suìyear, years old, (a measure word) (6)
孙子sūn zigrandson (6)


he, him (2)
she (2)
tàihighest, greatest, too (much), very, extremely (4)
太太tài taiMrs., Madame (2)
坦佩雷Tǎn pèi léiTampere, third city in Finland (3.p)
坦佩雷大学Tǎn pèi léi dà xuéUniversity of Tampere (8.p)
坦佩雷理工大学Tǎn pèi léi lǐ gōng dà xuéTampere University of Technology (3.p)
汤姆Tāng MǔTom (2.p)
special, unusual, extraordinary (10)
特别tè biéespecially, particular, unusual (10)
tiānday, sky, heaven (5)
天气tiān qìweather (10)
tīngto listen, hear, obey (6)
听说tīng shuōbe heard, to be told (10)
通力Tōng lìKone (Finnish company) (7.p)
同学tóng xué(fellow) classmate (3)
diagram, map, drawing, chart (8)
图书馆tú shū guǎnlibrary (8)
退休tuì xiūretirement (from work) (2)


外语wài yǔforeign language (4)
wáncurios, antiques, to play, to amuse oneself (9)
晚安wǎn ānGood night! (1)
晚上wǎn shang evening (1)
晚上好wǎn shang hǎoGood evening (1)
王兰Wáng LánChinese name (1.p)
wèifor, on account of (5)
wèiposition, location, (measure word for persons) (1)
为什么wèi shén mewhy, for what reason (5)
wēnwarm, temperature (10)
wénlanguage, culture, writing, formal, literary (5)
wènto ask (1)
I, me (1)
我的wǒ demy, mine (1)
11 a.m.-1 p.m., branch, noon (5)
午饭wǔ fànlunch (8)


西班牙Xī bān yáSpain (3.p)
to practice, to study, habit (4)
洗手间xǐ shǒu jiāntoilet, lavatory (4)
xiàunder, next (week, etc.), lower, below, to go down (8)
下班xià bānto come or go or get off work (8)
下个月xià ge yuènext month (9)
下课xià kèclass is over (8)
夏天xià tiānsummer (10)
下午xià wǔafternoon (5, 8)
下午好xià wǔ hǎoGood afternoon (1)
下星期xià xīng qīnext week (9)
下雪xià xuěto snow (10)
下雨xià yǔto rain (10)
下周见xià zhōu jiànSee you next week (1)
下周五见xià zhōu wǔ jiànSee you next Friday (1)
先生xiān shengsir, mister, teacher, (title of respect) (2)
xiànappear, present, now, current (4)
现在xiàn zàinow, nowadays (4)
xiǎngto think, to wish, to want, to miss (6)
xiǎosmall, tiny, few, young (8)
小时xiǎo shíhour (6, 8)
xiàoschool (8)
xiěto write (4)
谢谢xiè xieto thank (1)
新年xīn niánNew Year (5)
新年快乐xīn nián kuài lèHappy New Year! (5)
xīngstar, satellite, small amount (9)
星期xīng qīweek (9)
xíngall right, capable, competent, OK, okay, to go, to do, to travel, temporary, to walk, to go, will do (5)
xìng(one's) surname is, family name (1)
xiōngelder brother (2)
兄弟xiōng dìbrothers (2)
兄弟姐妹xiōng dì jiě mèisiblings (2)
xuéto learn, to study (1)
学生xué shengstudent (1)
学习xué xíto learn, to study (3, 4)
学校xué xiàoschool (8)
xuěsnow (10)


yàngmanner, pattern, way, appearance, shape (4)
yāoinvite to come (9)
邀请yāo qǐnginvite (9)
yàoimportant, vital, to want, to be going to, must (5)
要是...就yào shì ... jiùif...then (6)
also, too (1)
business, occupation, study (7)
medical, medicine, doctor, to cure, to treat (5)
医院yī yuànhospital (5)
一遍yí biànonce (6)
一定yí dìngsurely, certainly, necessarily (5)
一共yí gòngaltogether (6)
一会儿见yí huìr jiànSee you in a while (1)
一下yí xiàused after a verb to indicate a brief action (3)
一样yí yàngsame, like, equal to, the same as, just like (10)
to use, according to, so as to, in order to, by, with (7)
以后yǐ hòuafter, later, afterwards, in the future (7)
idea, meaning, wish, desire (7)
一般yì bānsame, ordinary, common, general (8)
意大利Yì dà lìItaly, Italian (3.p)
一点儿yì diǎnra little, a bit (4)
一起yì qǐtogether (9)
yīncause, reason, because (5)
阴天yīn tiāncloudy day, overcast sky (10)
因为yīn wèibecause, owing to, on account of (5)
印度Yìn dùIndia (3.p)
yīng(surname), English, brave (4)
英国Yīng guóEngland, Britain, English (3.p)
英语yīng yǔEnglish (language) (4)
yíngto welcome (9)
yǒuto have, there be (2)
有点儿yǒu diǎnr(adv) slightly; little; somewhat (5)
有课yǒu kèto have lessons (8)
有时候yǒu shí housometimes (8)
有意思yǒu yì siinteresting (5)
pleased (8)
愉快yú kuàicheerful, delightful, pleasantly, happy (8)
rain (10)
dialect, language, speech (4)
语法yǔ fǎgrammar (6)
雨夹雪yǔ jiā xuěsleet (10)
to advance, in advance, beforehand, to prepare (10)
预报yù bàoforecast (10)
yuàncourtyard, institution (5)
yuèmonth, moon (9)
月数yuè shùmonthly age (6)


zàiagain, once more, a second time (1)
zàiadv. indicating an action in progress (4)
prep.(located) at, in, verb exist, ad.indicating progressive tense (2)
再见zài jiàngoodbye (1)
早点zǎo diǎn(n) breakfast (8)
早上zǎo shangearly morning (1)
早上好zǎo shang hǎoGood morning (1)
zěnhow (4)
怎么样zěn me yànghow?, how about?, how was it?, how are things? (4)
zhǎoto find, to look for, to call on (sb), to seek (6)
zhèthis (1)
这个月zhè ge yuèthis month (9)
这里zhè lǐhere (4)
这星期zhè xīng qīthis week (9)
这儿zhèrhere, same as 这里 (4)
知道zhī dàoknow, be aware of (9)
zhíoffice, duty (7)
职业zhí yèjob occupation, profession (7)
zhǐonly, merely, just, but (4)
zhōngwithin, among, in, middle, center, while (doing sth), during, China, Chinese (5)
zhōngclock, time as measured in hours and minutes, bell (8)
中文zhōng wénChinese language (5)
中午zhōng wǔnoon, midday (8)
zhōucycle, week (7)
周末愉快zhōu mò yú kuàiHave a nice weekend (1)
zhùpray to, wish, to express good wishes (5)
child, midnight, son, child (2)
from, self, oneself, since (3)
letter, symbol, character, word (1)
自己zì jǐself, (reflexive pronoun), own (3)
自我zì wǒself-, of myself (3)
zǒuto walk, to go, to move (9)
zuì(the) most, -est (10)
zuóyesterday (9)
昨天zuó tiānyesterday (9)
zuòto do, to make (7)
zuòto regard as, compose, to make (2)
作业zuò yèschool assignment, work, task (8)

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